Grazing Board-Bunny


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Preorder for 04/06-04/09.
🐰Gift your teachers for appreciation
🐰A great way to say Thank You!
🐰Send to a doctor or nurse
🐰Order for yourself!!
🐰Great for 1 for a meal or 2 for grazing

The BUNNY plate comes in 4 different easter egg colors which include foods from a Bunny’s diet!!🐰🤣
🐰fresh fruits and veggies
🐰BUNNY pimento cheese sandwiches
🐰meat and cheese
🐰boiled egg
🐰spinach Artichoke dip
🐰chocolate easter eggs
🐰bunny honey cookie and honey caramels
🐰crackers and fresh herbs/flowers

$39.99 each