Cheshire Pork Sopressata 6oz chub

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Sopressata origins are from the Veneto region of Italy, which is know for its sophistication, people and cuisine. Coarsely ground, lightly seasoned and perfectly aged, this spicy version of sopressata is enhanced with red pepper. Crafted just like our sweet version but with a hint of cayenne and red pepper for a taste that is spicy but not overpowering. Slice thin and add to a fruit and cheese platter for a delicious dish with Mediterranean flair. 

 one 6 ounce chub

Cheshire Pork Charcuterie is handmade by our Italian friend, Giacomo Santomauro, of the San Giuseppe Salami Company in Elon, North Carolina. Giacomo creates these authentic Italian products using the same generations-old family recipes that his grandfather used at his Brooklyn Pork Market for 45 years. Giacomo cures our salamis with Celery Powder – No BHT, BHA, or MSG is added. 


Type[Hot], Type[Sweet]